VeGa Group - Tende da sole da esterno
Vega Wonder

We design and produce sun awnings to the highest standards of craftsmanship, the result of 30 years of know-how and service focusing exclusively on the end client.

Configure your awning

Sun protection, made in Italy

Awnings mean protection.
Awnings mean design.
Vega Group means your solution.

Vega uses carefully selected materials to produce solutions for your outdoor spaces, cleverly combining stylish design and safety.

Vista del reparto lavorazione Vega

The client at the centre.

We combine quality and technology with skilled craftsmanship in order to find the right balance between innovation and tradition.

The goal is to offer solutions tailored specifically to the markets where we operate, recognising their various needs and always welcoming dialogue and input without presuming to impose our view.

Our growth in value is closely linked to the relationships we forge on both a personal and professional level with our partners.

How to contact us

Collaborating with an extensive network of partners all over Italy, we will certainly be able to introduce you to the best company to work closely with on a tailor-made solution for your specific requirements.

+39 0771 609529
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